Integrating Properties and
Assets into Blockchain

Everconnect helps using our tokenization technology, you can realize the full value of real-world assets and enjoy the benefits of reduced management costs and increased capital flexibility.

Everconnect Explained

It's easier than you think


TokenSuite by Everconnect prepares your asset for the blockchain economy. Moore Global suggests the tokenized real estate market could hit $1.4 Trillion within 5 years. Be ready.


Tokenizing an asset converts its value into digital tokens or securities where ownership of the tokens are recorded on the blockchain. This gives asset owners capital flexibility and options with their asset.

Capital Flexibility

Tokenization brings value to your asset by creating increased liquidity, speed through automation, cost reductions, reduced disputes, and a decentralization of data.

The Buzz on Everconnect

“They provide access to the real estate sector for all levels of society by tokenizing the asset or portfolio and removing the minimum investment hurdle.”
Penny Meg, Reviewer

Looking to prepare your asset for the blockchain economy?

Everconnect’s TokenSuite platform makes it easy to issue, manage and allocate tokens. You’ll leverage blockchain for its decentralization, transparency and immutability and discover the benefits of automated Books and Records, KYC/AML whitelists, distribution of funds, and financial due diligence that’s integrated directly into the token. Tokenization creates a paperless way to manage investors compliantly.

Download The Digital Asset Handbook and learn about the exciting changes affecting our economic future.

Why Everconnect

Benefits you’ll love

The First to Tokenize

Everconnect integrate blockchain and Web3 technology to allow real world assets to join in the emerging blockchain economy.

We’re Fully Compliant

Everconnect is fully regulated and compliant in accordance with Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations. We’ve also establish an ecosystem of partners and collaborators with similar goals.

We’ve Got This

Our top-notch Customer Service includes branded landing pages, cloud hosting, live chats, data tracking, and NAV reports to investors. Our team is on call to assist you with your tokenization plans.

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